COMING SOON- Astrological Blueprint – (beginners 3 month Astrology program) – *Learn to read your own chart

Learning Astrology is like having a front row view to your chosen journey. Your blueprint or natal chart consists of all your contracts, your personality, past life, psycho emotional patterning, your genetic predisposition, talents, challenges and your true potential. The sky is frozen at your moment of birth. This is the map to your journey here. We are made of the same biological components as Star dust. Our genetic codes are directly connected to the planetary frequencies which is why so many feel emotional on a full moon.
Imagine having the skills and knowledge to understand everything about yourself and the capacity to alter, rewire and change your future using these tools.

In this 3 month program you will understand the foundational work for reading your own chart. This includes:

  • Introduction to Astrology and our place within it
  • 6 coach calls (all calls will be recorded for future reference)
  • The twelve houses
  • Ruling planets of each house
  • The 12 Signs and ruling planets
  • Elements and qualities
  • Personality traits
  • Planetary codes/energy body
  • The three phases
  • Four Quadrants and Hemispheres
  • Conception birth cycle chart
  • Astrology booklet

The Quantum blueprint has a no refund policy after content has been received by the purchaser.

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AMPLITUDE UP-LEVELLED – (3 month Spiritual and personal development coaching program)


Amplitude is a personal and spiritual awakening program that holds the key to enlightenment.

What does enlightenment mean? “Knowing thy self with full awareness”.

Why is this important? Everything we need, from our inner knowing, our energetic frequency, ability to problem solve, our presence and grace, inner peace and purpose, lies within us, in our cells, our DNA and our higher faculties.

Amplitude lays the firm foundation that supports your growth and inner awareness on every level TO BRING ABOUT A TRULY INFORMATIONAL EFFECT WITH MAXIMUM IMPACT.

It is vital to understand what boundaries are so you can identify where you end and other’s begin. Boundaries keep us in check and create our standards and requirements, without these you world becomes chaotic.

The purpose of this program is to bring your awareness to the hidden aspects of self that sabotage your greatness and keep you locked in the loop of fear, judgement and guilt. Amplitude will identify the stories that you have attached negative emotions to and clear them away enabling a smooth transition into the real story of who you are.

This program will clear away the false self, clear your channel and open you up to seeing, hearing and feeling your intuition, guides and knowing, so that decisions can be made from a highly functional cognitive space.

According to Dr Bruce Lypton, we use 100% of our brain. 10% being Neurons and 90% Glial Cells (supportive cells).

Glial cells can inhibit or activate Neurons, they connect and control them. The Glial cells are an integral part of our ability to imagine and create from the pictures in our mind. The Neurons give us the outline while the Glial cells, colour in the full picture, they assist us in using 100% of our brain. As habitual beings that are driven by our early family conditioned programs, we are unable to activate these cells and bring a greater focus of awareness that allows us to create and expand more than we can currently imagine. If you can learn how to integrate whole brain activity through holistic practices, you can activate the whole brain and create a future you couldn’t even dream possible.

When you learn how to use both hemispheres of the brain you will raise your consciousness exponentially. This is done by integrating the logical/intellectual mind and intuitive/emotional hemisphere. AMPLITUDE reconditions your logical and emotional mind to work together as one for maximum performance, impact and transformation. THIS NEW AWARENESS SUPPORTS HEMILEARNING/HEMISINC OR WHOLE BRAIN PROCESS.



Your consciousness and mind will be able to think clearly and problem solve without emotional reactions. You will become more alert, perceptive and motivated to take action on your ideas. Your intuitive and rational mind will learn how to merge and work as one giving you the edge. Amplitude will rewire and realign your early conditioning and open the path to who you came here to be. Imagine being able to see events in your surrounds, for the first time that you would otherwise miss or dismiss. How amazing will it feel to learn about you as a conscious creator, a vibration full of frequencies (knowledge) and how to use your senses and spirit to heal, nurture, empower your physical and emotional body while having full control over this 3D existence. Imagine for a moment being able to tap into your body, reading its signals before it turns into dis-ease. Use your intuition to guide you daily so that you experience maximum benefits turning challenges into wins. This change in perception is vital for a healthy happy fulfilling life.


  • This work is something I believe everyone needs to be taught to understand how they process, feel, think, and act, and what part of their behaviour was conditioned and what part is their own unhealed shadow. This work supports and creates a fulfilling life.
  • Anyone ready to let go of the old stories and create a better version of themselves.
  • People ready to let go of past trauma and heal their emotional body
  • People who would like to learn how to use their energy body and spirit to align their desires and dreams into their current reality
  • If you would love to understand energy, and how to use your higher senses to create better relationships, interactions, career, purpose and contribution while developing a great relationship with self, this is for you.
  • Do you suffer with anxiety, negative thinking, resentment, unhealed wounds from old stories, depression, pain, illness, anger and low self esteem and confidence? This is for you.
  • If you are a high functioning business person who struggles with the emotional side of life or early conditioning and pain
  • Are you a teen who is finding the transition into adulthood overwhelming?
  • Are you a partner or parent who has realised they are repeating the patterns of their parents without awareness of why?
  • You are ready to integrate your whole brain for an enlightening experience?
  • You are learning about spirituality, or are in the middle of developing talents and would like to up-level, but feel something is causing a block, this is for you.
  • Do you identify as an Empath who attracts Narcissists. Amplitude is a holistic approach that incorporates and integrates all modalities spiritually, physically, mentally, scientifically, emotionally, psychologically and metaphysically to bring you back to whole through mind, body and soul.


Anyone who is not ready or willing to commit to the daily inner work that is necessary for the change they are seeking.

In Amplitude up-levelled, you will receive the Amplitude workbook and join the other students in the VIP page, however instead of the classroom setting you will receive personal coaching with Deb –*one on one. Each weekly call will incorporate energy body work, Epigenetics, Metaphysics, Spiritual and personal awareness and development, Psychotherapy and Strategic coaching. Your Astrological Blueprint will be used to identify your programs and emotional core drivers

**Those who pay in full will receive 15 minutes to change mindset program free valued at $497 AUD**


  • 12 one on one coaching sessions (all calls are recorded for future reference)
  • 6 workbooks with 42 daily units
  • 6 Meditations-1 for each week specifically created to compliment the written work
  • Weekly blog
  • Student page to interact with other students and ask questions, share work and discuss
  • Those who pay in full will receive a complimentary course (15 minutes to change- valued at $497)

The Quantum blueprint has a no refund policy after content has been received by the purchaser.

Pay in full option


Payment plan

4 X Fortnightly payments


15 minutes to change- Education Centre (12 month mindset rewiring and awareness course)

This course was designed for people who are new to personal growth and have limited time and resources to invest.

In this 12 month course I will take you through the most common paradigms and paralysing beliefs that prevent you from changing your current circumstance. Over the 12 month period you will be asked to complete 12 units (one per month). This course has been designed to get you thinking differently and bring awareness to the subconscious programs that instruct your mind and dictate your actions. As a new student of the Quantum Blueprint you will be admitted to a VIP student page where you can interact with others, submit your work for discussion and ask for support .

**We offer extra support and one on one coaching for any student who wish to up-level faster at a discounted rate**

This course includes 

  • 12 units (one per month)
  • Access to our VIP facebook group
  • Learn what a paradigm is
  • Understand how a paradigms and vibration work together
  • Understand your ego/identity
  • Learn how decisions affect your results
  • Manage your environment
  • Standards are requirements
  • Learn about  the base chakras role

The Quantum blueprint has a no refund policy after content has been received by the purchaser.

Pay in full option